Seamless Payments

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Migoff is an international logistics company which works with e-commerce all around the globe. The most competitive advantage of Migoff is high-class customer service. It includes easy technological platform integration with third party services of its partners and clients. More importantly, the company infrastructure provides financial services to partners and clients all over the world.

Silença Tech is Migoff’s longtime loyal contractor. It has developed, among other solutions, the Billing & Accounting system used by Migoff’s partners and clients on three continents.

Business Challenge

Financial services and e-commerce department is required for an easy integration of payment gateway for e-shops, e-commerce portals and logistics partners.

It could provide the possibility to expand the partnership network and simplify the process of payment acceptance for both wholesale partners and retail clients. Such a solution should meet the business specifics requirements and transmit parcel data to the Back-office. The rising interest in cryptocurrency payments has demanded a solution which would accept payments in Bitcoins.

The project owner wanted to give its partners a simple integration solution which would involve as few computer experts as possible. So simple that the shop owners would only need to copy and paste a single line into the CMS.


Silença Tech developed the entire Billing, Invoicing and Accounting system for the project owner, that’s why it was quite easy to integrate a new payment gateway. It also simplified the integration with other Migoff sub-projects.

This microservice was detached from the Back-office and connected to it via API. This microservice generates an independant white-label web page to process the bank cards.

The Bitcoin Core node was deployed to accept the Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core is a Bitcoin full client developed on the original reference code by Satoshi Nakamoto. The node enables the system to identify the address for a certain client or a certain payment. It can also track the transactions and client balances.

Quality Assurance

Probably the most difficult part of the project concerns the responsibility. And Silença Tech is financially responsible for the correct operation of the gate.

The QA team bilt a testing environment to pass all possible combinations of failure scenarios. Enabling of the payment acceptance involves a long chain of integrations with financial services. It was crucial to test each of these services independently and then test them all jointly.

For that purpose Jenkins with Python scripts and Selenium with Javascript scripts were used. This environment created an emulation of the full use of payment cards and Bitcoin transactions with occasional shutdowns of different blocks. This way we could guarantee the quality and reliability of operation.

Technology stack

  • Front-end:
    React.Js, Redux;
  • Back-end:
    Node.Js, Phyton, C++, PHP;

Project team

  • PM: Paul Dziadevych;
  • Financial Consultants: Mila Shelegeda;
  • UI: Svitlana Bychko;
  • Javascript Developer: Serhii Strybul;
  • Front-end Developer: Vladen Tsymbal;
  • PHP/Node.Js Developer: Oleksii Machekhin;
  • PHP Developer: Ilyas Machekhin;
  • QA Engineer: Dmitrii Tynnik, Eugene Nesterenko.